Building the future

The company was named Crezvatic for 2 reasons based on the meaning of the word Crezco and Vatic.
First Reason, we all constantly look for Growth individually and in our business and the word Crezo in Spanish means Growth.
Second reason, for any business to grow, we need to know how and what the future has in store for that business. So based on various calculations and Predictions we make our Marketing Decisions. Vatic means prediction in Sanskrit.

So Growth is inevitable if we predict right and make the right moves and in today’s digital world predictions using the right tools like Google Keyword tool, Analytics, and others are possible as it gives us good amount of Data to work on.
“In God we trust, all others bring Data” W.Edwards Deming.



We execute the most modern and effective content strategies in order to provide the best possible organic search rankings.


We Spend Wisely & Give You the Best ROI. We achieve a low cost paid campaign with our in-depth understanding of ad ecosystem, right from competitor research to strategic bidding to correct targeting with careful spending.


We create and implement expert social media marketing strategies that deliver a marketing ROI beyond anything traditional marketing could ever hope to deliver


  • Wayam – This is a magazine for growing children. Which published by Labindia company’s chairman Mr.Shrikant Bapat. Our monthly distribution is mainly in schools and libraries. Also, individual readers, students, teachers, and parents read Wayam regularly.

Web Design

  • We design beautiful websites.
  • We make you look good by using the latest technologies and trends.
  • We build websites for multiscreen consumers.
  • User-Friendly: We design & develop websites in a manner that is easy for the customer to move around the site without any hassles, It should be self-explanatory for the customer to get what information they are looking for.

Content Creation

Every alphabet, crafted to be a word, arranged with art to make your customer engaged in the beauty of words. What makes us different is when we use this art to get more sales and conversions for you.

We Specialize in Website/Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Consulting/Services.

Fearless Leaders

Crezvatic Private Limited, having a nimble start in past 2 years has developed in an adept workforce for tech and media solutions.
We specialize in providing end-to-end digital solutions & Contract publication for various industries.

Soni Golden

Soni Golden

Operation Manager

Hemant Patil

Hemant Patil

Digital Marketing Head

Pranita Narkhede

Pranita Narkhede

Graphic Designer

Snehal Kudale

Snehal Kudale

Web Developer

our Work

We have a team which is a perfect mix of technology & design geeks, also marketing and business professionals this ensures a balanced perspective in all our endeavors at Crezvatic.

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Adept workforce for tech and media solutions.

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