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An up to date and error-free address database is essential to marketing success.

Keeping up a compelling database of addresses requires a proper and consistent data input. An inadequate or incorrect contact database surely affects the sales and marketing performance. 

A number of your leads may have possibly changed their address, phone number, email id, or even their workplace, leaving you with repetitive and insufficient data. With our Address management services helps you deal with this issue.

At Crezvatic, we create your marketing campaigns that reaches the correct target audience at the right time by connecting with your customers in an effective manner. 

Crezvatic assists you at every step of address management,

be it data collection,

data storage, 

data standardization, or

data updation,

thereby making your sales contact data clear and accurate … and not just that, we keep data up to date at the same time!

We do all the hard work & save your precious time by managing the data in a fast and efficient manner. At Crezvatic, we perform data maintenance tasks by either working on existing address data files that you shared with us or we build it from scratch for you.

Cleansing, Validate and Verifying Your Data

Crezvatic can assist you right from fixing damaged data records that have been compressed into inappropriate data formats in your contact database to recognising skewed or misplaced special characters and correcting or restoring them back into the data file. 

We help you with:

Address Deduplication (Elimination of duplicate or repetitive data)

A typical customer database roughly contains 10% in duplicate records. As addresses can be written in various formats, the process of distinguishing and pinpointing duplicate records can be tough. 

Crezvatic helps you find & eliminate any redundant / repetitive data (address deduplication), while keeping your original data set undamaged to make sure original value in the data is not lost.

Address Standardization

By using the method of standardization, we make sure that the address is appropriate, well-formatted without missing any of these fields – city, state, or ZIP Code information, with correct spellings, and abbreviated as per the Postal Service standard abbreviations.


Address Verification & Validation

To improve the deliverability to the target audience, we clean up and validate your mailing addresses as part of our address verification services.

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