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With an enormous hike in the volume and complexity of data inflow, sustaining clean, correct and reliable data throughout the organization has become a constant challenge for time-pressed professionals. Crezvatic, helping organizations improve upon their data quality and make better business decisions.

Crezvatic helps companies in managing all aspects of data cleansing and data quality management, right from recognising and fixing imperfect, incorrect, irrelevant, random, or non-conforming data to achieving and maintaining clean, high-quality data. 

Outsource data cleansing services to us, and get rid of all the data quality problems, including redundancies / repetitiveness, spelling errors, typos, and even missing entries.

Why You Need Data Quality Services

Take into account the various ways your data may not be aiding your business requirements:

  • Scrappy data records submitted through your online enquiry forms or other channels by your customers.
  • Misfielded information or values lost among various fields by sales/service representatives.
  • Low integration of data from a variety of sources, usually with different titles for the same fields, for instance “postal code”, “area code”, “zip code”, etc., or “address,” “residence address”, “street address”, etc.
  • Inconsistent entries from CRM, ERP and other data sourcing systems.

With our data cleansing services, Crezvatic helps you deal with the issues pertaining to your data’s quality, to let you add substantial value to your data. If you don’t take action to update your database clean and consistent, haywire and unarranged data is likelihood. 

Actionable Data

With our data cleansing and standardization services, we do the hard work for you. We understand, and are capable of de-duping, scrubbing and cleansing data within any context, and from any source. Once, we have accomplished the initial cleansing task, we then standardize your data, so that it performs effectually with all your database management systems and platforms.


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Crezvatic covers you comprehensively right from data matching and de-duplication, to data standardization, normalization against custom or third party reference standards, and data enhancement drawing from company resources or external databases, and more, so that you have no data sets that are compromised. Please contact us for complete, actionable data.

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