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Data De-Duplication Services

Deduplication, either through removing or merging records that recur on your database, is very important in stopping adverse results in customer relationships and other aspects of your company data management.

Contacting the same person more than once using the same copy in email marketing makes you look unprofessional & wastes your marketing budget. 

Don’t waste your marketing budget sending the same mailing pieces to your customers, time and again!

Data Deduplication Services From Crezvatic

Here’s how we approach our data matching and deduplication process:

  • Data Matching: For filtering the relevant and critical information, we match records between your data sources.
  • Data Merging: For getting rid of data scatter and efficient storage, we bring together related data from multiple sources.
  • Data Purging: For obtaining a clean, performing database, we delete unnecessary and duplicate information.

To begin with, experts at Crezvatic will perform a data matching test. This pinpoints various possible duplicates hidden within your database. To identify and remove each possible duplicate, we can also conduct a more exhaustive analysis of your data, if required. afterwards, we mark or combine the relevant records together, subject to the client’s request.

Advantages of Database De-duping with Crezvatic

Our data de-duplication services can benefit your organization in several ways (but not limited to):

  • Improved performance arising from capacity optimization, scaling and speedy back-up systems
  • lower bandwidth consumption
  • Reliability, data security and integrity
  • Consolidated back-up data
  • Speedy and effective data recovery (in case of data corruption)
  • Smooth transmission of data in the network

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