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Web Design And Development - How They Differ

image 03 November 22
image Written by Crezvatic
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A well-made interactive and powerful website is the collaborative effort of web design & development. The terms web designer and web developer are often used interchangeably by people who are new to web development who are unaware of the difference between them.

But, the truth of the matter is that Web designing & web development refer to two fundamentally different aspects of the whole web building process that require skill sets unique to the respective process.

This article will explain the difference between Website Design and Web Development and why business owners should hire web designers & developers to add more value to their websites.

Website Designer

In layman's language, a web designer is a person who helps in designing the web pages of the clients. Before developing or creating anything, it is essential to create a blueprint to get a good idea about how things will look and work when it goes live when employees or customers start using the website actively.

That's what a web designer does for the clients, they provide the idea and the appropriate layout of the website based on the requirements of the clients.

In simple words, Web Designers are the Architect who helps design the structure or the blueprint of the website as per the necessary specifications given by the clients.

The Role of a Web Designer Includes the following.

Conceptualizing and Designing the Website

The central role of a web designer is to conceptualize the ideas with the client and then develop the structure and the look and feel of the website as per the discussion with the clients.

While designing the website, the Web designer ensures that the website is user-friendly and takes into consideration the various elements necessary for the clients, like the company logo or the branding that the client wants.

To incorporate these specifications, web designers resort to tools like Flash, photoshop or Framer, and many more such tools to get the aesthetic right for the website they are designing.

Optimization of the Website

Nowadays, Web Designers know the working of Search Engine Optimisation; this knowledge is helpful while designing a website.

It helps them create the website in such a way that it would help to rank at the top of all the search engines, thereby making it appear on the first pages of the search engines.

Thus, a web designer helps in designing an SEO-friendly website for clients. Apart from making a website SEO-friendly, a web designer also aids in creating a website layout that is easily scalable for the future.

Other Roles of a Web Designer

Apart from the roles mentioned earlier of a web designer, some of the other significant work done by Web designers are as follows.

1) A web designer helps ascertain the guidelines applicable in terms of the designs, the standards the website has to maintain, and the best practices to be followed while designing the website.

2) Web Designer ensures that the website is up and running by maintaining the content standards required for the website to be up and running.

3) Web Designer is required to design the sample pages incorporating the color, fonts, and various visual imagery for the website.

4) Web Designer is also responsible for testing and suggesting any improvement in the design of the website.

Website Developer

A web developer has the expertise that develops the ideas conceptualized and created by the web designer.

Web Developer uses various programming languages and Markup to write the required code to make the website live.

Web Developers consist of Front-end developers and Back-end developers.

The Front-End Developer is responsible for creating the User Interface as per the website structure given by the Web designer.

The Back-End Developer is in charge of creating the various features and components accessed indirectly by the user through the front-end system or application.

Some of the significant roles of web developers include

Responsible for Making the Website Functional

A web developer gives life to the structure created by the web designer. They are liable for building and maintaining the core structure of the website.

In addition, a Web Developer is entrusted with converting the blueprint of the website into a fully functional and interactive website for the clients.

HTML, Python, Javascript, and PHP are some of the coding languages used by web developers to build a website.

Safe Coding for the Website

An experienced web developer has testing and debugging skills that are required to detect and resolve any errors in the functioning of the website.

These testing and debugging procedures establish safe coding for the website, thereby building a website that is absolutely safe and secure to use.

Other Roles of a Web Developer