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How is Google Local Services Ads better than others?

image 23 November 22
image Written by Crezvatic
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The objective of getting Google Local Service ads is to connect with the people in the vicinity of your business and are searching for the vendors or dealers providing the service that you offer your customers.

In Google Local Service ads a list of local service providers rendering the same service gets generated when the prospect carries out a search for the local service they require.

The Google Local Service ads get displayed adjacent to the search result of potential customers. The Google Local Service ads, it doesn't take the potential customer to the service provider's website.

instead, it provides potential customers with the contact details of the business, and thus, the potential customers can directly get in touch with the provider of the service they are looking for. The Google Local Service ads are accessible through mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Gives an Edge Over Others

Google Local Service ads are similar to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, but potential customers see them first in their search results.

This gives businesses using Local Service ads an advantage over their competitors who don't use them.

It makes a tremendous difference when your business ad appears at the top of the result page as it creates visibility to your ads and hence will have a high chance that the searcher avails themselves of the services provided by you.

Google Local Services Ads are Google Guaranteed

Google Guarantee and availing the service of Google Local Services Ads go hand in hand. And getting a Google Guarantee badge for your business will boost the reputation of your company.

The badge will make the potential customer know that your business is a trustworthy brand and that it is safe and secure to be associated with the brand.

Google does a thorough screening of your business before deciding to give you the Google Guarantee badge.

This badge ensures that customers are happy with the quality of work done by the company. If they are not, the customer will get a refund of the cost they paid for the service.

Google Local Services Ads is Budget Friendly

The business owner has control over the cost of the Google Local Services Ads, as they have the liberty to set the budget as per the capability of the business owner.

The budget set by the business owners is flexible, and it can change as and when it's required.

Another low-cost factor of Google Local Services Ads is that the business owner has to pay Google only when the potential customer gives the business owner a call or message for their services.

Each lead that the business gets counted and gets credited towards the monthly budgets set by the business owner.

And in case the business owner receives any lead after they have maxed out the monthly Google Local Services Ads budget, Google credit it back to make sure that the business owner does not go beyond their monthly budget for the Ads.

Business Owners will get Authentic Leads.

Any business owner who uses digital advertising services expects to get genuine leads from those services. At times, business owners get spam calls or invalid leads from these services.

If the business owner raises, a dispute for the charges with Google about the invalid lead or spam call and the same gets processed within one week of the dispute being raised.

The Google Local Services Ads have been shown to generate more than twice as many leads as other similar ad services And these leads have converted a majority of the time. 

Google Local Services Ads are Hassle-free

To get the desired audience, most of these digital ad services depend heavily on keywords. If the customer types the required keywords, then only the ads will get displayed on the search results page.

But in the case, of the Google Local Services Ads, research on keywords or any ad testing is not required.

The business owners’ ads get triggered automatically when the potential customers start searching using relevant search words.

The search words can be as broad as possible and as specific as possible, in both cases, the business owner’s ad will get displayed on the search page.

The format of the ad gets created automatically, as it is created by Google using the information from the business owner’s profile.

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