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How Effective is Social Media Marketing?

image 17 July 23
image Written by Crezvatic
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Social Media is a rage today, be it a younger generation or older generation; all of them have accounts on some or the other social media channels. People are obsessed with these platforms. 

More than half of the country''s population access social media on a daily basis. It is a common sight to see people browsing through their Instagram page or Facebook page. 

People with little serious inclination prefer to log in to their LinkedIn accounts. 

There is a social media platform for everyone today, the surge of social media usage has given an excellent opportunity for the business owner, as marketing in these social media platforms will help them gain momentum in their business. 

Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in today''s time.

People spend a lot of time on Social Media Platforms.

India is a country where you will get easy and cheap access to the internet; hence internet usage is high, and everyone has an account on the social media platform. 

Many people try to spend their downtime browsing through their social media account/s. 

As per Statistica, the social media user in India will be 448 million by 2023, which is a considerable number, i.e. 448 million potential customers. Hence, taking advantage of this current social media usage will help the business in expanding its client portfolio.

Social Media Marketing will help in Brand Recognition. 

The business will boom when people recognize the brand, and as we know, a recognized brand is a trusted brand in the eyes of the people. 

Through social media, business owners can display their offerings to the people, along with videos, articles, or blogs related to the products or services of the business. 

The business can strike up a conversation through posts or videos with the customers in order to make them more shareable hence building the brand value. 

Social Media will help to increase the traffic to your site.

A well-advertised social media campaign will attract more traffic to your website. An excellent social media campaign will help the content go viral and viral content is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to the website. 

The benefit of making the content viral is that you come to the notice of potential customers with relatively less effort. 

The returns of the business is massive compared to other mediums. 

As per research conducted, social media marketing generates more than 25% of the traffic on the business website.

Social Media is an economical form of marketing.

Most of the time the business owners cut down their marketing budgets in order to save some cost towards the expense, especially when the business is small or if there is a slump in the business. 

But at the same time, the business will suffer more without marketing, in these cases social media marketing is the best marketing tool the business can take help of for their marketing needs at a very reasonable price. 

With the help of the social media marketing team, the business can create a strategy for marketing, using the trending topics pertaining to the product and services, and leverage the same in all social media platforms. 

The business should join hands with an experienced and excellent social media marketing agency to draft a plan tailor-made for the business, which will be useful to reach out to the audiences.

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